empower_networkBeing lead like a kitten and yarn

I admit that I am a believer in the true good nature of mankind but this blows me away. I have been teased with emails from someone who, without mentioning any other affiliation whatsoever, that he had the answer to “traffic” and “leads” and the whole package that he was willing to share. This went on for 4 days. I admit his videos were well produced and attractive and they definitely piqued my curiosity so I went along with them. I’m not talking about some Clickbank or CPAway affiliate product that might get a $5 per sale here. He spoke, very compellingly, about a way to build a legitimate list, build upon that list and cultivate that list. In other words, he spoke the right words that ethical internet marketers use: Know, Like, Trust. He had me.

The yarn gets away

So I’m eagerly awaiting the “live” webinar today, right? I’ve decided this guy makes a very convincing argument about promoting products, engaging others and, again, building good, solid targeted lists. Man, was I wrong. As I logged into the webinar there was a link to fully register and it took me to another site. One that I have visited before and am embarrassed to admit that I once belonged to (albeit briefly).

Bottom Line Short and Sweet

I have nothing but distaste for Empower Network. Period. I tried them on advice of another internet marketer friend of mine and, bottom line, the whole thing stinks. Yes, there are a few (VERY few) people making money with them but what, exactly do they sell? No product.Knowledge? Inside secrets? Ha! A Monday night call that goes on for almost two hours listening to the one or two “gurus” they currently have by the phone blathering on about nothing substantive. Why does one of the owners live in Costa Rica? The lovely view or the tax break? And for goodness sakes at least put something better on than a grungy t-shirt and wash your hair once in awhile David Wood!! EN will hook you in at $25 per month but you better be able to fork over at least $1000-10,000 (yep, $10,000) to get to the upper level.


I have no answers but if you subscribe to this blog please don’t be fooled. There are legitimate ways to build your list. The bottom line is that you absolutely MUST establish trust with your subscribers. You must treat them as your friend because they deserve that if they’re going to either buy or promote your product. And you deserve that as well.

I look forward to comments as I could go on and on about my feelings about the people that have integrity and truly care about the future of internet marketing.



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